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Policing Futures: Contexts, Practices and Debates

Policing Futures: Contexts, Practices and Debates

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As part of the British Sociological Association’s regional postgraduate event series and supported by the White Rose Doctoral Training Centre’s Security, Conflict and Justice Pathway, and the N8 Policing Research Partnership, this conference will facilitate a vibrant and constructive forum in which postgraduate researchers are encouraged to present their research on the developing contexts, practices and debates inherent within contemporary policing. The format is particularly suited to presenting research in progress, and for developing new and existing networks between postgraduate researchers within the broader policing field.


09:15 – Registration and Refreshments, Atrium, Liberty Building

09:45 – Welcome, Room G.32, Liberty Building

Sean Butcher, University of Leeds

Adam Crawford, Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of Leeds


Paper Sessions 1

1.1. Plural Policing and Partnerships – Room 1.11, Liberty Building

Chair: Lindsay Youansamouth, Lancaster University
Speaker: James Hart, Teesside University – ‘Police Partnership Working in Austerity’
Speaker: Melissa Pepper, University of Surrey – ‘Doing More for Less in Changing Times? The Use of Volunteers in Policing’

Speaker: Kudakwashe Chirambwi, University of Bradford – ‘Police-Business Nexus: Zimbabwe Republic Police’

1.2. Reforming Police Practices – Room G.32, Liberty Building

Chair: Charmian Werren, King’s College London
Speaker: Jeneba Maccassey-Boimah, University of Bradford – ‘Contribution of Police Reform and Governance to Sustainable Peace and Security in Transition African Societies: Cote d’Ivoire and Sierra Leone in Comparative Perspective’

Speaker: Estelle Clayton, University of Dundee – ‘Findings from Ethnographic Observations of Stop and Search Training in a Period of Change in Scotland’
Speaker: Lurraine Jones, University of East London – ‘Diversity Training: “Race”, Space, Place and (Un)intended Consequences’

1.3. Policing Vulnerability and Domestic Abuse – Room 1.12, Liberty Building

Chair: Alice Corbally, University of Sheffield
Speaker: Clifford Bacon, Alliance Manchester Business School – ‘From “Fighting Crime” to “Dealing with Vulnerability”: The Changing Landscape of UK Policing’
Speaker: Cassandra Wiener, University of Sussex – ‘Policing Domestic Abuse in 2017: The New Challenge of Evidencing Coercive Control’
Speaker: Chloe Boyce, University of York – ‘How and to What Extent can Problem Based Learning Improve Police Service Delivery in Relation to Domestic Abuse?’

11:15 – Refreshments, Atrium, Liberty Building


Paper Sessions 2

2.1. Engaging Communities in Policing – Room 1.11, Liberty Building

Chair: Declan Falconer, University of Leeds
Speaker: Carina O’Reilly, Anglia Ruskin University – ‘”Her Dog’s as High as a Kite”: Police-Community Engagement and Ward Panel Meetings’
Speaker: Lisa Weston, University of Liverpool – ‘”The Police are the Public and the Public are the Police”: Making Sense of Police-Community Engagement’
Speaker: Liam Ralph, Edinburgh Napier University – ‘Early Insights from an In-Depth Study on Communication Between the Police and Citizens via Social Media in Scotland’

2.2. Professionalising the Police Workforce – Room G.32, Liberty Building

Chair: Lee Johnson, University of Leeds
Speaker: Nic Pole, College of Policing – ‘The Socio-Political Construction of “New” Police Professionalism’

Speaker: Emily Mann, University of Edinburgh – ‘Tempestuous Navigation: Transitioning from the Centenary of Women in Scottish Policing to Cultural Reform’
Speaker: Jamie Ferrill, Loughborough University – ‘Who is Protecting Our Protectors? Leadership, Engagement, and Welfare in the Police Service’

2.3. Victimisation and the Policing of Sexual Offences – Room 1.12, Liberty Building

Chair: Emma Gritt, University of Leeds
Speaker: Shola Apena Rogers, Middlesex University – ‘Policing Sexual Offences on London Trains (SOLT): The Proactive Response’
Speaker: Sian Lewis, Loughborough University – ‘Mind the (Gender) Gap: Sexual Harassment on the London Underground’
Speaker: Anthony Quinn, Loughborough University – ‘An Exploration of Vehicle Crime Repeat Victimisation in Leicestershire: What Impact do Contextual Influences Have on Spatiotemporal Patterns of Offending?’

13:00 – Lunch, Atrium, Liberty Building


Paper Sessions 3

3.1. Policing Social Groups and ‘Problems’ – Room G.32, Liberty Building

Chair: Jennifer Healy, University of Leeds
Speaker: Martin Browne, University of Manchester – ‘Discerning Considerations of Human Rights in the Policing of a Football Match-Day Operation’
Speaker: Juliana Corrêa, Oswaldo Cruz Foundation – ‘Policing and Young People’
Speaker: Alex Belloir, Utrecht University – ‘Policing Parisian Pot: The Policing of Paris’s Cannabis Markets’

3.2. Towards an Appreciation of ‘What Works’: Selected Insights – Room 1.12, Liberty Building

Chair: Gary Pankhurst, Newcastle University
Speaker: Dionysia Lali, The Open University – ‘An Investigation into the Effectiveness of Eye-Witness Identification Procedures in England and Wales and Young Adults with High Functioning Autism: What are the Implications for Police Policy and Practice?’
Speaker: Joe Apps, University of Dundee/UK Missing Persons Bureau, National Crime Agency – ‘Harm and Missing Persons: Challenges to and Opportunities for the Measurement of Harm: A Literature Review’
Speaker: Hidetaka Koyama, University of Manchester – ‘The Nexus of Police Research and Policy-Making in Contemporary Japan’

15:15 – Refreshments, Atrium, Liberty Building

15:45 – Plenary Session, Room G.32, Liberty Building

Keynote Speaker: Dr Ben Bradford, University of Oxford – ‘Experiments in Policing: Getting it Right (and Wrong)’
Chair: Ashley Kilgallon, University of Leeds

16:45 – Closing remarks, Room G.32, Liberty Building

Louise Ellison, Professor of Law, University of Leeds
Jennifer Healy, University of Leeds

17:00 – Drinks Reception, Atrium, Liberty Building


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